Organic Material
Contrary to popular belief, organic does not necessarily mean recycled material; it can be as simple as untreated wood. Blinds made from organic materials keep a significant portion of outside light out while giving your room a natural forest feel.

Give your windows a burst of color to give them a cheery feel. Cheerful colors change the scenery of your room from a boring shade of cream and white to a much more lively hue to really brighten up the space.

Exotic Materials
Exotic material gives your room and window a luxurious feel. Materials like satin, velvet and suede can transform your room into a more diverse and exotic spacewith a luxurious feel, especially when coupled with subtle framing pieces such as window skirts or valances.

Add an oriental feel to your window and room by using bamboo blinds. It gives a natural, organic feel to your room and is both simple and sturdy. Bamboo goes well with a variety of interior décor patterns, both modern and classic.

Soft Textile
The feminine flair is quickly gaining popularity. It includes embellishments such as grosgrain ribbons and embroidering details. It also adds a Victorian element to your window treatments.

Bold Fabric Prints
Spruce up your room with bold fabric prints to give your room a vibrant feel. It can range from floral prints to fashionable stripes.

Silk is a material that defies age. It not only brings out your tasteful side, it gives a warm and cozy feel and comes in any color for any of your rooms.

High Tech
You can sprinkle some modernity to your window treatments to flick the windows open or closed, or allow in light exactly to your preferred intensity.

Green Screen
Greens screens are sustainable and contribute to saving the plane. Utilize anti-microbial properties so that the materials are mildew or mold resistant.

About the Author
Viken Ohenasian is the Owner of Shutter Smart, a leading one-stop solution for window coverings, shutters, shades and treatments. Shutter Smart’s innovative design has enabled them to create a diverse line of elegant, affordable and eco-friendly window covers that seamlessly integrate into and enhance any interior space. The company also provides a free estimate before each shutter installation project.